During the hot 2015 summer Poti Pictures launches its first crowdfunding project! What does it mean? It means we have a great idea but we can not make it alone and we need our friends’ support and we need the help of all the partners that are getting passionate of Poti Pictures project. What do we want to do with the money we are try to collect? We will do  a great movie out of the standard categories “kids” and “kids with disabilities”. It will be an extraordinary experience because we will write, film and make a real movie where directors, scriptwriters, actors and technicians will be the students of the “Convitto Nazionale” in Arezzo, the guys of “Il Cenacolo” Cooperative Company and all the Poti Pictures staff.  It will be a social cinema experience where relationships will play an outstanding role. If you want to support us, go to: www.mecenup.it Thank you!!!

Posted on 16th September 2015 in special projects

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